About Me

John D. Jordan CPA
Principal Accountant


John D received a Master’s in Accounting from UNCW and has 14 years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant. His passion is working with individuals and small businesses to provide guidance that helps all clients achieve success. Colleagues and clients know him as a highly energized trusted advisor. He enjoys spending time understanding businesses and what drives them.


His client focus is on individuals that own small privately held companies that are in the fields of real estate, professional services, consulting, software, manufacturing, construction management, and various others. He has prepared thousands of personal and small business tax returns, and enjoys tax planning to save clients money. He also has experience working on financial audits, reviews, and compilations of multi-million dollar businesses.


John D has extensive experience with accrual accounting, cash accounting, project-based accounting, and cost accounting. He uses his interpersonal skills to provide top-level client service.

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